Baby Books

Baby Books is a Birth and Baby greeting card showing a shelf of books for expectant or new parents to get baby off to a flying start.

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– Printed in the UK on premium card stock
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Baby Books

Baby Books is a Birth and Baby greeting card showing a shelf of books for expectant or new parents. It is never too early to begin to learn the things that one needs to know to get baby off to a flying start.  With that in mind the titles of the books echo those subjects about which parents will be most keen to be experts.

Teach Your Baby The Violin

The first book on the shelf that we look at is Teach Your Baby The Violin. You may think this is a bit of a stretch. However, the famous Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki taught The Suzuki Method. He was inspired to develop the philosophy behind The Suzuki Method by seeing the after-effects on the health of young people after the Second World War. One thing that struck him was how young children pick up language. At a very young age they acquire the deep structure of their language.

Therefore, in the same way, Suzuki believed that this principle applied to other skills such as playing musical instruments. That is children would acquire musical ability by being in a musical environment. This includes going to concerts and listening to music. It also includes forming friendships with other music students. And the overarching principle was that it was never too young to begin teaching children.

Mathematics For Toddlers

The second book on the shelf is Mathematics For Toddlers. Of course, it is intended to raise a smile. But in the same way that music can be taught at a young age, so children can be taught to be comfortable with mathematics. Experiments in the heyday of the Sixties concluded that children can accurately guess large numbers. So, how many dots are there in a jumble of dots on a page? The experiments showed that very young children could ‘see’ much larger numbers than logic would suggest.

Baby Books: Nappy Changing For Beginners

The second book is eminently practical. The subject matter, however, probably doesn’t stretch to what is the biggest book on the shelf. So that is the clue if any were needed that this is a humorous card. On the other hand, perhaps the book is written in extra large print. That way is can be eyed with the book propped out of harm’s way from wet and soiled nappies.

Two Hundred Years Of Alarm Clock Design

The fourth book is Two Hundred Years Of Alarm Clock Design. The alarm and the need for it is clearly a topic that is constantly in the thoughts of parents. Perhaps it is not a favourite, but it is one with which they have to be well acquainted.

Traditional Names For A New Baby

After parents have run through all the current names in the baby book of names, it is time to look back to more stable times.

The Ancient Wisdom Of Counting Sheep

Ah, the ever-retreating promise of sleep when there’s a new baby in the house. The ancient wisdom of counting sheep would have been lost to the world were it not for this book. It has distilled every fence and drystone wall in one tome. Every breed is represented, from the Southdown to the Herdwick, and the all jump endlessly.

The Joys Of Parenting, and Why We Sleep, Baby Books

That brings us to the last two baby books, the joys of parenting (haha) and Why We Sleep. It so happens that there is indeed a book with that title and it explains why we need our sleep. It also confronts one of the problems of modern living. We are surrounded by light and noise, and we are stressed. None of this makes for a good night’s sleep. So a book on the subject for a parent is a cruel joke. Who can sleep with a new baby in the house? Ah, the answer is that this is precisely when one needs a sense of humour.

SKU: C0394

Baby Books - a set of books on a shelf with titles for expectant parents
Baby Books