Boy is a card to celebrate the birth of a new baby boy. Can you hear the roar! ‘It’s A Boy!’

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– Printed in the UK on premium card stock
– Supplied with a white envelope

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Boy is a card to celebrate the birth of a new baby boy. Can you hear the roar! ‘It’s A Boy!’¬†In this case the roar is emitted by a polar bear, an animal that is renowned for its strength.

Polar Bear Numbers

Polar bears are symbolic of climate change and climate emergency. That makes this card timely in its reminder that the new life of the little boy is dependent upon the planet being reasonably stable.

Reports of how polar bears are unable to feed because of the retreating ice cap have been in the news. The problem with knowing whether there has been a decline in numbers is that historical records do not exist in part.

Scientists simply do not know how many polar bears there were in the Soviet Arctic in the 1960s. Consequently it is not possible to know whether the numbers are decreasing.

What studies show as of today is that polar bears are one of the few large carnivores that are still found in roughly their original habitat and range. And they may be in roughly their natural numbers.

Polar Bear Numbers

That said, In Canada, Greenland, and Norway they are currently regarded as vulnerable. On the other hand, in Russia the situation is more complex. It some parts polar bears are  described as recovering, while in others the situation is indeterminate. In contrast, in the United States Arctic, polar bears are described as threatened. Most polar bears are in Canada and worldwide there are thought to be somewhere between twenty and thirty thousand animals in the wild.

Current predictions are that by 2040, when all other large areas of summer ice are gone, only a fringe of ice will remain in Northeast Canada and Northern Greenland. This remnant of the summer ice cap will become important for polar bears that depend on ice.

Boy What A Colour

You will have noticed that the fur of the polar bear in the Boy baby card is yellowish rather than white. That’s because a polar bear’s fur is actually somewhat transparent and it picks up and reflects the colour of its environment. So against snow and ice, its fur looks white.

SKU: C0139

Boy is a card to celebrate the birth of a new baby with a polar bear against a dark blue background and roaring 'It's A Boy!'