Pink Tulips

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Pink Tulips

A card featuring a bunch of pink tulips with petals open, revealing the bright yellow stamens – special when seen in such detail and close up.

Pink tulips like these are common nowadays and found in every florist’s window and municipal flower bed.

And tulips come in many kinds from single colours to multiple tones. And they come in many shapes – from the simple singles that are shown here, to parrot tulips with their spear-like petals.

Tulips came originally from a wide-ranging area across Eurasia and North Africa. They were, however, introduced to Europe from Turkey. That accounts for the origin of the word ‘tulip’ itself, for it comes from the Turkish word meaning a turban, and is connected with the word for the gauze-like material, muslin.

One reason that tulips are so popular is that they can be propogated easily from seeds.

If the bulbs of cultivated varieties of tulips are left in the ground they rarely flower the following year. So they are lifted and dried over winter. Alternatively, new bulbs are grown from seed and planted – and the Keukenhof bulb fields in the Netherlands are testament to the success of propogating tulips in this way.

SKU: C0005

pink tulips
Pink Tulips