Safety is a Birth and Baby greeting card with a young elephant with a little trunk, looking from the shelter of its mother.

– Blank inside for your own message
– Printed in the UK on premium card stock
– Supplied with a white envelope

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Safety is a Birth and Baby greeting card featuring a young elephant with big ears and a floppy trunk, standing and looking out from the shelter of its mother and a group of females.

I photographed these African elephants at Gorah Elephant Camp on the Eastern Cape in South Africa. My wife Tamara and I visited the Cape September 2019, specifically to see animals and birds.

Gorah Elephant Camp is a private concession that opened in the year 2000 within Addo Elephant National Park on the Eastern Cape in South Africa. Addo is huge at 1,640 square km (630 sqare miles) and Gorah, at 50 square km or (20 square miles) sits in the middle of the park.

It is in fact the only private concession within Addo Elephant Park. And with that comes a responsibility because it has to abide by the rules of the National Park. That means that only animals that are or were endemic to the region can be reintroduced. That includes elephants, who are endemic to the region.

Natural Habitat

Being a private reserve means that vehicles can go off on lesser tracks to find animals. As you will appreciate, with a reserve that is seven kilometres from side to side, seeing animals is not guaranteed. Therefore you need the ranger in the vehicle who knows where the animals are likely to be at any given time. When you do see animals, you see them in their natural habitat. What that means is that because of the large area they inhabit, they are able to wander as far as their natural territory would take them.

Safety In Numbers

Time and again we noticed the way the adults surround the young to keep them safe. We saw the young in among this maze of legs the size of tree trunks. You might have thought they would be phased by it. But no, the young were relaxed. Some of the young drank from their mothers as the herd moved around slowly. In fact, you can see one young calf drinking in this greeting card. It is just to the left of the ‘main feature’ – the elephant looking out at the world. Its safety is more or less guaranteed by being near its mother. And that in a land where prey animals spend every waking moment on guard. That may be why it is so relaxing to watch elephants.

Still we were amazed at how the young were relaxed with adults weighing several tons surrounding them and walking around. The way the adults corral the young is amazing because they are not looking down while they do it. They know where the young are ‘under their feet’ and the young know where they are supposed to be.

SKU: C0389

Safety is a new baby card with a young elephant looking out at the world from the safety of its mother's legs.