Thank Ewe

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Thank Ewe

A Thank You card that’s a variation on the Billboard card, featuring sheep in a field in hilly country, with a billboard and text ‘Thank Ewe’. A play on words, and there you have a thank ewe greeting card.

The wording on the card makes a splash: It is not shy or retiring. It is of course only a card, and we made the billboard in Photoshop (our preferred editing tool for making greeting cards).

Therefore we can say with certainty that no part of the countryside was harmed or despoiled in the making of this card.

That said, don’t get us started on our feelings about the harm that is being done to the countryside. It seems that the damage is worse with each passing year. And with each passing year the cry that ‘We didn’t know what we were doing’ becomes more farcical.

If you really do want to get in touch to discuss the harm being done to the countryside, please do contact us.

SKU: C0365

Thank Ewe Thank You Card featuring three sheep on the moors and a huge billboard with text Thank Ewe
Thank Ewe